How to make a wrapped loop:

wrapped loop

A wrapped loop is stronger and not as flimsy as a single loop. Your jewelry piece will be more secure when you use it for small gauge wire (20g to 24g). It will take some time and patience to succeed. If this is your first time making one, use 22g or even 24g wire to practice each step. The smaller gauge wire will be easier to bend and manipulate.

What you need:

  • 20g or 22g wire (at least 7cm or longer)
  • round nose pliers
  • chain or flat nose pliers
  • side cutters

Step 1:
Straighten the piece of wire more or less using your hands. Grip the wire 2/3rd of the length with your round nose pliers.

grip wire with round nose pliers

Step 2:
Bend the tip of the wire 90 degrees by moving your pliers away from you.

bend wire 90 deg

Step 3:
Use your free hand to bend the tip of the wire clockwise around the nose of the plier to form a loop. You might have to reposition your pliers once or twice.

bend wrie to form a loop

Step 4:
Grip the loop with your chain or flat nose pliers as in the graphic.

holding eye pin with chain nose pliers

Step 5:
Now you can start the wrapping process. Start close to the loop and try to avoid leaving spaces while wrapping it around. Wrap the wire 2½ to 3 times.

first wrap in making a wrapped loop

wrapped eye pin

Step 6:
Use your side cutters to cut off the extra wire. Always protect your eyes when cutting wire.

cutting wrapped loop end

Step 7:
Use your chain or flat nose pliers and press down the end of the wrap. Hooray, you did it!!

press down end of wrapped loop

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