Wire wrapping techniques

Once you've mastered the basic wire wrapping techniques, a whole new world of designs will unfold before you. The techniques on this page will allow you to design and make jewelry like the ones selling in shops and boutiques for a lot of money. You will need three essential tools for working with wire. Selecting the right type of wire for your jewelry projects is essential. Working with wire means that you have to acquire the basic techniques. There are a few things to consider when working with wire: wire sizes (gauge), wire hardness and types of wire.

Here are the techniques. Each technique is explained step-by-step with illustrations to show you exactly how it's done. Buy yourself inexpensive wire like copper or silver plated to practice your designs.

Making an eye pin

single loop, wire

Making a loop on a headpin

loop on a headpin

Making a wrapped loop on a headpin

wrapped headpin

Making a wrapped loop

wrapped loop, wire

Making a double loop

double loop, wire

Making a briolette wrap

briolette wrap

Making jump rings

jump rings

How to open and close jump rings

open jump rings

Making an S-clasp

S-clasp, wire

Making a connector

connector, wire

Making a spiral

spiral, wire

Making a coil of wire

wire coil

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