How to make a wire spiral:


Wire spirals are easy to make, and can be used in many jewelry designs. Practice with a smaller wire size (22g). You can move on to 20g or 18g when you’ve mastered the skill.

What you need:

  • 18g, 20g or 22g wire (at least 10cm)
  • round nose pliers
  • chain or flat nose pliers
  • side cutters

Step 1:

Grip the end of the wire with the tip of your round nose pliers.

grip wire with round nose pliers

Step 2:

Move your pliers away from you till the wire connects to form a small loop.

forming a loop

Step 3:

Hold the loop with your chain or flat nose pliers.

making a spiral

Use your free hand to rotate the rest of the wire around the loop. Reposition your pliers as you work. Rotate the wire untill you have the size you desire.

making a spiral

Step 4:

When you stop the rotating process, make sure there is at least 2cm of wire left.

making a spiral

Step 5:

Grip the tail of wire with the tip of your round nose pliers.

making a spiral

Make a small loop in the opposite direction. This is where you can attach other components. Cut off any excess wire.

making a spiral

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