How to make wire coils

wire wrapping

Using wire coils in your design can add a beautiful effect to your piece of jewelry. It can be used in earrings, bracelets or even necklaces. Choose a smaller wire size for the wrapping process and a heavier size as the ‘mandrel’. Click on the link to view wire sizes.

What you need:
  • 18g and 22g or 16g and 20g
  • chain or flat nose pliers
  • wire or side cutters

Step 1:

Place the heavier wire (mandrel) horizontal and use your thumb to hold the smaller wire vertical on top of the mandrel. Leave a few cm of wire facing downwards.

start the coiling process

Step 2:

Use your free hand to start the wrapping process. Wrap the wire around the mandrel away from you and try to avoid leaving gaps. Wrap as much as you need.

coiling wire

Step 3:

Cut both ends of the wire as close to the mandrel as possible. Use your flat or chain nose pliers to press down the end of the wire ends.

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