How to use calottes to attach a clasp

Calottes are also called necklace ends, bead tips and clamshells. I will show you how to use calottes to attach a clasp and finish off a necklace or bracelet. Try to avoid opening and closing them more than twice because they tend to brake easily.

Step 1:

Insert a crimp bead onto your cord/wire and flatten it with your crimping pliers.

calottes and clasp

Step 2:

String the calotte onto the cord/wire until the crimp bead is in the middle of the calotte. Cut the wire next to the crimp so that no parts will stick out.

calotte and crimp bead

Step 3:

Gently close the calotte with your flat or chain nose pliers until it is completely shut.

closing calotte

Step 4:

Open the loop of the calotte by using your pliers and attach a jump ring. Close the loop completely, (you can attach the clasp directly if you prefer). Open the jump ring to attach the clasp. Close the jump ring.

calotte and clasp

Step 5:

Insert a calotte and jump ring on the other end of the necklace or bracelet as an attachment for the clasp.

calotte and jump ring

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