Make a shell pearl bracelet

Pearls are some of those beads which can spice up an outfit. This trendy shell pearl bracelet is really easy to make, and perfect for beginners looking for a bead stringing project. You can use any colour and kind of 12mm pearls: freshwater pearls, shell pearls (which I've used) or even plastic pearls. Grey colour pearls look fabulous in this design. It is a fairly easy project suitable for beginners.

What you need:

  • crimping pliers
  • bead stringing wire or tiger tail
  • 32 flower spacer beads (10mm) for a 7,5 inch bracelet
  • 7 or more pearls of your choice(12mm)
  • crimp beads
  • ring clasp (with the ring measuring 13mm)
  • 2 crimp covers

1. String one or two crimp beads followed by the clasp onto one end of the beading wire.

2. String the end of the beading wire back through the crimp beads (but not the clasp).

3. Use your crimping pliers and place the crimp beads in the bottom slot of the pliers. Compress the crimp beads so that it looks like a crescent moon.

4. Place the crimp beads in the upper slot of the pliers and form the crimps into a ball.

5. Your crimp beads will look like this.

6. Place the crimp cover over the crimp beads.

7. Press it closed with either your chain or flat nose pliers.

8. Start stringing your flower spacer beads onto the tail and long piece of wire.

9. Keep on stringing until you've reached the middle of your bracelet.

10. Start stringing your shell pearls onto the beading wire. I used 7 pearls.

11. String two crimp beads onto the beading wire.

12. String the beading wire through the clasp and back through the crimp beads.

13. String the tail of the wire through two pearls.

14. Pull the wire tight and use your crimping wires to compress the crimp beads into little balls.

15. Cut off the excess wire as close to the pearl as possible.

16. Place a crimp cover over the crimp beads.

17. Press it closed with either your chain or flat nose pliers.

Your bracelet is now finished and ready to wear!

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