Glass pendant necklace project:

pendant necklace photo

The glass pendant that I used for this pendant necklace is either called a dichroic glass pendant, or a silver foil glass pendant. These glass beads and pendants are highly fashionable. You can buy any shape or color pendant, as long as the hole is vertically and not horizontally drilled. The holes of these beads and pendants are too big to hold a headpin, therefore you will need small beads at the top and bottom to hold the wire in place.

I’ve used waxed linen cord and a ribbon as stringing materials. You can use both or either one of them. If you decide on ribbons, then use at least three ribbons to hold the weight of the pendant. What about using different colors of cord and ribbon? It’s all up to you. Waxed cord comes in many different colors. Personalize your pendant necklace with your own style.

What you need:

  • waxed linen cord (3x the length of your necklace)
  • ribbon (1x the length of your necklace)
  • glass pendant
  • 4mm or 5mm glass bead
  • 5mm crystal or glass bead
  • 4 inches of 20g (0.8mm) or 22g wire (0.6mm)
  • 2 coil crimps
  • 5mm jump ring
  • lobster clasp
  • round nose pliers
  • chain nose pliers
  • wire or side cutters
  • safety glasses (optional)

Step 1:

Decide how long you would like to make your necklace. If you need more info, click here necklace size guide. Your waxed cord must be 3x the size of your necklace, and the ribbon the size of your necklace. Take the ends of your waxed cord, and put it onto your ribbon.

glass pendant necklace project

Step 2:

Insert the end of the cord and ribbon into the coil end. Make sure no parts are sticking out. Use your chain nose pliers to flatten the first coil/ring as described on the page how to use coil crimps.

glass pendant necklace project

Do exactly the same for the other end of your necklace. Open the loops of the coil ends on both sides. Use your round nose pliers and slide a jump ring onto one end, and the lobster clasp onto the other end. Close the loops of the coil crimps completely.

glass pendant necklace project

Step 3:

Follow the steps for making an eyepin as described on the page eye pin. You will need your wire, round nose pliers and wire cutters. When your eye pin is ready, slide the glass bead onto the eye pin.

glass pendant necklace project

Step 4:

Slide your glass pendant and crystal or glass bead onto the wire. Grip the wire 5mm above the crystal bead with your round nose pliers and bend it approx. 80 degrees by moving your pliers away from you.

glass pendant necklace project

Step 5:

Use your free hand to bend the tip of the wire clockwise around the nose of your pliers to form a loop. You might have to reposition your pliers once or twice.

glass pendant necklace project

Step 6:

Release your pliers and use your hands to pull the loop slightly open. Try not to open it too wide. Insert the cord and ribbon one at a time. Close the loop once your stringing material is in place.

glass pendant necklace project

Step 7:

Now it’s time for the wrapping process. Grip the loop with your chain nose pliers and with the other hand, wrap the wire around until it touches the crystal bead. Use your wire cutters and cut off the extra wire. If you need more help to make a wrapped loop, then see steps 4 to 6 of this page
making a wrapped loop. Congratulations, you've made a beautiful glass pendant necklace.

glass pendant necklace project

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