How to open jump rings:

Learning how to open jump rings (and close them) correctly is very important. There is only one way of doing it, otherwise the round shape of your jump ring will be distorted.

Step 1:

Use your round nose and chain or flat nose pliers to grip the jump ring on both sides of the split.

opening jump ring

Step 2:

Now move one plier towards you and the other away from you, in other words move your hands in opposite directions (forwards and backwards). Don’t pull it open from left to right as shown in the graphic, otherwise the round shape of the jump ring will be distorted.

opening jump ring

When you release one plier, your jump ring should look like this. This is when you can slide earring wires, chain, and links etc. onto your jump ring.

opening jump ring

Step 3:

Follow the same guidelines for closing the jump ring. Grip both ends with your pliers again. Move the jump ring back into place by wiggling the ends back and forth. You will feel the ends sliding against each other. Your jump ring should be perfectly aligned when closed.

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