Lariat necklace tutorial:

necklace project

A Lariat necklace refers to a long necklace that is tied or wrapped around the neck without a clasp. I’ve used soft suede that drapes well around the neck as well as bone beads and pearls for this project. Suede is not only available in brown, but also in bright colors. Use natural beads if you want to create an earthy or ethnic feel. I bought these bone beads at the Bead Shop in London, Covent Garden. You will be able to find bone beads at online bead stores or bead shops in your area.

What you need:

  • suede cord (lariat necklaces can range anything from 30 to 50 inches in length, depending on your body frame and how you wear it)
  • 2 large patterned bone beads
  • 2 small white bone beads
  • 4 pearls or other beads (matching the colors of the bone beads)
  • 2 coil crimps
  • 22g silver wire
  • 2 round silver spacer beads (3mm)
  • round nose pliers
  • chain nose pliers
  • wire or side cutters

Step 1:

It is sometimes difficult to find the perfect size for a lariat necklace, because lariats can range anything from 30 to 50 inches in length.

Take the suede cord and drape it around your neck like the lariat necklace shown in the graphic above. Decide how long you would like to make yours. Keep in mind that you still have to attach the beads that will add to the length. Cut both ends of the cord once you have the desired length.

If you are not 100% sure, rather make it a bit longer. It is easy to make the necklace shorter, but you won’t be able to make it longer once it’s finished.

When you have the right length of suede cord for your necklace, click on the link to see how to attach coil crimps to the ends of the suede cord. You will use the cord again in step 7.

Step 2:

Cut two pieces of wire, 4 inches each. Grip the end of the wire with your round nose pliers and click on the link to follow the steps for making a spiral. Do not make a loop at the end of the spiral. Bend the wire so that the spiral is central to the wire as shown in the graphic.

necklace project

Step 3:

Slide the large bone bead onto the wire. Put it aside for step 5.

necklace project

Step 4:

Cut two pieces of wire, 4 inches each. String two pearls on either side of the white bone bead onto the wire. Do that for both pieces of wire. Click on the link to follow the steps for making a wrapped bead link. You don’t have to slide anything onto the loops while making it. Your wrapped link should look like this:

necklace project

Step 5:

Now you know how to make a wrapped loop. Take the large bone bead with the spiral and make a loop with the same technique as in step 4. Before wrapping it, slide the pearl and white bone wrapped link onto the loop.

necklace project

Step 6:

Grip the loop with your round nose pliers and wrap the wire 2½ to 3 times around the neck of the loop. The graphic is showing the first wrap. Cut off the extra wire with your wire cutters. Always protect your eyes when cutting wire.

necklace project

Step 7:

Open the loop of the coil crimps with your round nose pliers and slide the wrapped link onto the loop. Close the loop completely.

necklace project

Both ends of your suede cord will now look like this. Congratulations, you’ve made a beautiful lariat necklace.

necklace project

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