Jewelry making techniques

The more jewelry making techniques you master, the more you can create! Wether you are a beginner or more advanced, you will benefit from these step-by-step illustrations.

How to use crimp beads and crimping pliers:
Learn to make neatly shaped crimps using crimping pliers instead of flat nose pliers.

How to attach a clasp using calottes/bead tips:
Calottes hide knots and crimp beads, and add a great finishing touch to your piece of jewelry.

How to attach a clasp using crimp beads:
This is an easy way to attach a clasp without any effort!

How to use coil crimps/cord ends:
This is a 'must know' if you are working with leather or suede.

How to finish off memory wire:
Here are two easy ways to finish off memory wire necklaces or bracelets.

How to use a box/fold over crimp:
Box/fold over crimps are mostly used when working with a thick cord.

How to open and close jump rings:
Learn how to open and close a jump ring the correct way so that the round shape of the ring won't be distorted.

How to knot pearls or restring pearls:
Learn how to string pearls with silk cord and a beading awl or thick needle.

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