Where to buy beads and jewelry making supplies:

It is so exhilarating to buy beautiful beads and jewelry making supplies, knowing you’re going to make something spectacular. One of my favorite pastimes is to hunt for beautiful beads. There are a few ways of how you can obtain beads, supplies and tools.

Bead stores:

Find out if you have a local bead store in your area. It is especially important if you’re a beginner to visit a bead store some or other time to get familiar with all the different beads, stringing materials and supplies available. Some bead stores even have jewelry making classes and tutorials, if you are interested.

Hobby and Craft stores:

These stores might have a limited amount of beads and supplies, but you’ll find most of the basic supplies for making beaded jewelry. You can also purchase jewelry making books at most hobby and craft stores.


This is probably the easiest and most cost effective way of buying everything you need to make beaded jewelry.

I guess you don’t have to be introduced to e-bay!! This is a great place for finding beads and jewelry making supplies at bargain prices. Just search for something like clasps and see how many online shops sell jewelry making supplies. Although e-bay is a great place to buy, make sure you are dealing with a reputable seller. Always check the seller’s reputation through its feedback, especially if you’re buying things like tools, pearls, gemstones or sterling silver findings. I usually buy through e-bay when I need small quantities of something, otherwise I use online bead stores.

Online bead and jewelry supply shops and stores:
There are many more online stores that sell jewelry supplies, but I’ve listed some major and trustworthy ones.

Vast collection of original untouched vintage glass beads and findings for the DO-IT-YOURSELF jewelry trade.
Large selection of beads and jewelry making supplies at wholesale prices. shipwreckbeads.com
Large selection of beads, beading accessories and jewelry making supplies.

regalcrafts.com - UK Jewellery and beading supplies.
e-beads.co.uk - UK Fashion Jewellery store for seed beads, designer crystal jewellery and Swarovski crystal pearls.
internationalcraft.com - Jewellery findings and beads. Your one stop jewellery supplies shop. Everything from Swarovski beads to Sterling silver jewellery findings and so much more. Full online catalogue and ordering.Watford showroom.

dablingblingshop.com.au Australian bead and jewellery making shop.

Bead shows:

Some bead companies, stores and magazines host bead shows in different countries throughout the year. Here is a list of websites that advertise shows and events. Visit their sites for more information and dates.

USA Shows:

UK Shows:
thebigbeadshow.co.uk - Hosted in London
beadworkersguild.org – They host the Great British bead show (GBBS)

International Shows:

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