Jewelry making chain

jewelry making chain

It is essential to select the right type of jewelry making chain for your jewelry projects. Adding chain to your jewelry design will give it a professional look. Chain can be bought either in bulk which is sold by length, or as a finished chain with a clasp (with a specific length). Sometimes you need a length just a bit longer or shorter than the once mentioned below, therefore I prefer buying in bulk. If you need chain for only one project then buying a finished piece with a clasp is ideal. Buy yourself inexpensive chain like copper, brass of silver plated to practice your designs.

Sizes of chain:

chain length description
16” choker length
18” at collarbone, princess length
20” just below collarbone
22” at or above neckline
24” below neckline
30” below the bust line

Styles of chain:

There are different styles of chain to choose from. Before buying chain you need to make sure that the links are wide enough for your wire or headpins to go through so that you can attach beads and findings. I usually buy chain with links of 2mm and wider. (The smallest chain on the photo is not suitable for making beaded jwelry). The following chains can be used for necklaces and earrings: belcher (which is my favorite), curb, figaro and trace chain. Charm bracelet chain is a bit stronger and ideal for charm bracelets. Avoid box chain and twisted rope chains, their links are too small.

Working with chain also means that you need findings (clasps, hooks, jump rings etc.) to finish off your jewelry pieces.

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