Making a jewelry connector:

wire technique

Jewelry connectors serve as links in a design. It can be used to attach different components of jewelry pieces. I’ll show you how to make this easy and very useful one. The size of the loops will depend on which part of the round nose pliers you are using. The bottom of the round nose pliers will make a large loop, therefore you’ll end up with a large connector. The tip of your round nose pliers will produce a very small one. It’s best to use the bottom part of your round nose pliers if it’s your first attempt. Use a non-permanent marker to make a little mark on the middle of your pliers if you want to make a medium size one. This will help you to create even loops.

What you need:

  • 18g or 20g wire (at least 10cm)
  • round nose pliers
  • wire or side cutters

Step 1:

Grip the end of the wire with your round nose pliers.

wire technique

Step 2:

Wrap the wire around one prong of your round nose pliers till the wire connects to form a loop. Reposition your pliers once. Release the wire from the pliers.

wire technique

Step 3:

Place the wire horizontally so that the loop which looks like a ‘P’ faces downwards. Now grip the wire with your round nose pliers with one prong next to the loop and the other prong above the wire.

wire technique

Step 4:

Wrap the wire around the upper prong in the opposite direction. Reposition your pliers once.

wire technique

making a connector

Step 5:

Cut of the extra wire where it connects.

cut wire

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