Crystal necklace tutorial:

The most important technique for making this crystal necklace is to learn how to make a loop on a headpin, and attach it to the necklace chain. Once you can do this, you’ll be able to make many variations of this design. You might even be able to design your own unique necklace. Have fun!

crystal necklace

What you need:

  • 7 crystal beads (5mm), color of your choice
  • 4 crystal beads (4mm)
  • 1 Large crystal bead (10mm)
  • 5 Bali spacer beads
  • 3 small round spacer beads
  • headpins (I used 2 inch headpins)
  • 3 small round silver spacer beads
  • round nose pliers
  • wire or side cutters
  • chain necklace with links of 2mm at least

Buy chain with a ready fitted clasp for this project. If you need more information regarding the chain you should buy, then click on this link jewelry making chain.

belcher chain for making beaded jewelry

Step 1:

Slide your beads onto your headpins in the following order:
Headpins 1 and 7: 5mm crystal bead followed by small round spacer bead.
Headpins 2 and 6: 4mm crystal bead, Bali bead, 4mm crystal bead.
Headpins 3 and 5: 5mm crystal bead, Bali bead, 5mm crystal bead.
Central headpin: 10mm crystal bead, Bali bead, 5mm crystal bead, small round spacer bead.

making a crystal necklace

Step 2:

This is definitely the most important step for this project. You will need to make a loop for each headpin as described on the page ‘headpin loop’. Ideally the loops are supposed to be more or less the same size. Don’t get discouraged if you’re a beginner and can’t get it right the first time. It will get easier after practicing it a few times.

making a crystal necklace

Step 3:

Open the loop of each headpin slightly with your round nose pliers to attach the chain. Try not to open it too wide, otherwise the round shape of the loop might be distorted.

making a crystal necklace

Step 4:

Find the exact center of your chain and attach the large crystal headpin onto the link of the chain.

making a crystal necklace

Step 5:

Use your round nose pliers to close the loop completely.

making a crystal necklace

Step 6:

Count on six links to the sides of the central headpin and attach headpins 3 and 5 (see step one).

making a crystal necklace

Step 7:

Again count on six links to both sides and attach headpins 2 and 6. Repeat the same process for the last two headpins (1 and 7). Well done, you've made your own beautiful crystal necklace.

making a crystal necklace

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