How to make crystal heart earrings:

The technique used to make these lovely crystal heart earrings is called a briolette wrap. There are several ways to make a briolette wrap. I prefer this easy, secure method. You can use this technique for briolette beads, teardrop beads, or any top drilled beads. I often use this technique to wrap crystal hearts and teardrop beads.

Practice with an inexpensive 24g wire, if it is your first attempt. It will take some practice to make a well formed wrap. Higher gauge wires like 22g, 24g and 26g are used for briolette wraps. I use 24g wire for most of my projects. Perseverance is the keyword in this technique!

What you need:

  • 24g wire
  • 2 crystal heart beads, or any top drilled beads
  • 2 earring wire hooks (I’ve used french earring wires)
  • round nose pliers
  • chain or flat nose pliers
  • wire cutters
  • safety glasses

Step 1:

Make both earrings step-be-step together. Cut a 3 to 4 inch length of wire. Grip the middle of the length of wire with your chain nose pliers. If you want to use a small bead, you should use the tip of your pliers. When using a medium sized bead, you should use the middle part of the pliers as shown in the graphic. For a large bead, use the inner most part of the prong to create a large enough space for the bead.

Step 2:

Slide your bead onto the wire. You might have to widen the angle of the folded wire to slide the bead on. Try not to force the bead onto the folded wire, especially if you’re working with crystal beads for they chip and break easily.

Step 3:

Take both sides of the wire and cross them diagonally over the top of the bead.

Step 4:

Cut off one side of the wire 3-4mm from where the wire crosses the other one.

Step 5:

Take your chain nose pliers and bend both sides of the wire so that they are exactly vertical above the middle of the bead.

Step 6:

Grip the wire with your round nose pliers just above the place where you’ve cut one side off.

Step 7:

Make a loop around the nose of your pliers as described on the page eye pin. (steps 2 and 3).

Step 8:

Release your pliers and slide your earring wire/hook onto the loop. Grip the loop with your chain or flat nose pliers and use your free hand to wrap the wire around the neck of the loop. Wrap until the end of the straight piece of wire.

Step 9:

Wrap the loose wire until it reaches the end of the straight piece of wire. Cut off the extra wire with your wire cutters. Always protect your eyes when cutting wire. Press the end down with your chain or flat nose pliers. Well done you've made some beautiful crystal heart earrings!

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