How to use crimp beads and crimping pliers

Crimping pliers are specially designed for crimp beads. It is a handy tool for making clean, round crimps. It will give you greater control over the tiny crimps, so there's no need to squash your crimps with flat nose pliers.

Step 1:

Insert your crimp bead onto nylon coated wire like Beadalon.

crimp bead

Step 2:

Place your crimp bead in the bottom or inner slot of the tool, and press firmly. It forms the shape of a crescent moon.

crimping pliers

Step 3:

Place the crimp bead in the top or outer slot of the tool and press firmly. It forms into a round bead again.

crimping pliers

Now your crimp is securely in place on the wire.

crimp bead

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