My craft room/corner

Craft room, craft corner, mummy’s room...this is the place where I get some ‘head space’.  I’m sure I don’t need to explain why.  We all need a place where we can let our creativity flow, and for me it is my beading corner. This is where I feel alive! 

Some time ago I had to declutter my craft corner and decided to give it a bit of a make over.  It was so much fun choosing the colours.  I decided to paint the wall a beautiful purple colour called Plumbago from Taubmans.  The shelves, wall cabinet and drawer unit are all from Ikea.  I just love the white furniture with the purple wall in the background.

Having a place for all the beads and tools really does make my life easier and more organized.  Many of the frequently used beads are either stored in stackable bead containers or compartment bead containers. Having used a whole lot of different containers throughout the years, I’d say the stackable ones are my favourite. 

Glass coffee jars are also great for bulk bead storage especially larger beads and findings that tarnish easily. 

My stringing materials which I use a lot are within easy reach in the basket hanging from the rail.

On the other rail are four plastic storage units for all the other bits and bobs that would otherwise end up on the desk. Sometimes I even use it as a little bin for all the cord ends that I cut off my jewelry pieces. 

My desk just needed a final touch, a vase of  flowers.  

On the other side of the room is the light box system which I use to take all the jewelry photos for this website. Here I am taking photos of a pearl bracelet. 


I need my computer for all the editing and writing the pages of the website. This is not in my craft room, but I use it so much I thought it can't be left out. Hubby took the photo of me working and decided I also need a photo from the here it is. One happy lady!

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