How to make a rainbow cell phone charm:

make cell phone charm

This rainbow cell phone charm is a great beginner’s project. I’ve used 4mm Swarovski crystals for this charm. You can use any kind of beads to personalize your phone. You will need a cell phone strap which is available from most hobby and bead stores, as well as ebay. Some cell/mobile phone stores sell phone straps as well.

What you need:

  • collection of 4mm crystal beads in different colors
  • cell phone strap
  • 2” or 2½” headpin
  • round nose pliers
  • chain or flat nose pliers
  • wire or side cutters
  • safety glasses(optional)

Step 1:

Slide your crystal beads onto the headpin in the order you desire.

make cell phone charm

Step 2:

Use your round nose pliers to make a loop as described on the page headpin loop. Cut off the extra wire that does not form part of the loop, using your wire cutters.

make cell phone charm

Step 3:

There are two choices for attaching the charm. The first is to open the loop of the headpin with your round nose pliers, and slide the split ring onto the loop. Close it completely so that the split ring won’t slide off. The second option is to open the split ring and slide the loop of the headpin onto it. Both are easy and straight forward.

Well done, now you can attach your rainbow charm to your cell phone.

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