How to make cascade earrings:

cascade earring project

Cascade earrings are usually long earrings with layers of beads, resulting in the name cascade, which means waterfall. Smaller beads such as glass and crystal beads are often used to create the ‘layers’. The earrings for this project have large focal beads followed by layers of different colored crystal beads, attached to chain. It is important to use good color combinations. I’ve used belcher chain with links of 2mm, which is wide enough for a headpin to go through.

What you need:

  • 2 earring wires
  • 2 large crystal beads
  • 16 different colored crystal beads (4mm)
  • headpins
  • 20g wire (2-3 inches long)
  • 15 links of jewelry making chain (links must be 2mm wide)
  • round nose pliers
  • chain or flat nose pliers
  • wire or side cutters
  • safety glasses

Step 1:

Make both earrings step-by-step together. Follow the steps for making a double eye pin using the large crystal bead as described on the page double eye pin.

cascade earring project

Step 2:

When your double eye pin is ready, open one of the loops with your round nose pliers and slide the earring hook onto the loop. Close the loop completely.

cascade earring project

Step 3:

Cut off 15 links of jewelry making chain. Open the bottom loop of the double eye pin with your round nose pliers, and slide the chain onto the loop. Close the loop completely.

cascade earring project

Step 4:

Slide your small crystal beads onto the headpins. Follow the steps for making a loop on a headpin as described on the page headpin loop. Make a loop for each headpin.

cascade earring project

Step 5:

Your headpins are now ready. Now it’s time to attach it to the chain. Decide in which color order you want to attach them. You will start with the bottom one first. Take the color you’ve chosen for the bottom one, and open the loop slightly with your round nose pliers. Attach the open loop onto the bottom link of the chain. Close the loop completely.

cascade earring project

Step 6:

Take the second crystal and attach it to the third chain link from the bottom.

cascade earring project

Step 7:

Attach a crystal to every second chain link until you reach the end of the chain (there will be an open link between all the crystals).

cascade earring project

When you’ve attached all the crystals, the cascade will look like the one in the photo below. Well done, your cascade earrings are now ready to wear!

cascade earring project

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