How to make briolette wrap earrings:

briolette wrap earrings

In order to make these beautiful briolette wrap earrings, you will need to learn how to make a briolette wrap. This is a great technique to learn, which will enable you to work with various top drilled beads to create exquisite designs.

What you need:

  • 2 briolette crystal beads 10mm, also known as top drilled, teardrop beads
  • 6 crystal bicone beads (4mm)
  • 4 silver round spacer beads (2mm)
  • 22gauge (0.6mm) wire
  • 2 french hook earring wires
  • round nose pliers
  • chain or flat nose pliers
  • wire or side cutters
  • safety glasses (optional)

Step 1:
Use your briolette beads, and follow the steps for making a briolette wrap as described on the page briolette wrap. Make both briolette wraps together to ensure that they are the same length. You don’t need to attach anything to the wrap now, you’ll add something in step 2. Your briolette wrap should look like this:

briolette wrap earrings

Step 2:
Cut two pieces of 3” (22gauge wire) each. Grip the wire with your round nose pliers a 1/3 of the wire length down. Make a loop the same way that you’ve made one for the briolette wrap. Slide the briolette wrap onto the loop before wrapping it.

briolette earring project

Step 3:
Grip the loop with your flat or chain nose pliers. Use your free hand to wrap the wire 3 times around the neck of the loop.

briolette earrings project

Step 4:
Cut off the excess wire with your wire or side cutters.

earring project

Step 5:
Slide your crystal and silver spacer beads onto the wire in the order shown in the graphic.

earrings project

Step 6:
Grip the wire 3mm above the beads with your round nose pliers. Bend the wire 90 degrees by moving your pliers away from you. Use your free hand and bend the wire clockwise around the tip of your pliers until you have a complete loop.

Step 7:
Slide the earring wire onto the loop.

briolette earrings project

Step 8:
Grip the loop with your chain nose pliers and wrap the wire around the neck of the loop. Cut off the excess wire with your wire cutters, and then flatten the end with your chain nose pliers. Your briolette wrap earrings are now ready to wear! Congratulations.

birolette earrings project

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