Blue pearl earrings tutorial:

pearl earrings tutorial

Blue pearl earrings are so elegant, yet easy to make! Just change the color of your pearls and you can have earrings for almost every outfit in your wardrobe. Changing the pearl for a crystal will again give you a different look.

What you need:

pear earrings tutorial

  • 2 french hook earwires
  • 2 pearls (10 mm), color of your choice
  • 2 bead caps (10 mm)
  • 2 silver ball spacer connectors (10 mm long)
  • headpins
  • round nose pliers
  • chain or flat nose pliers
  • wire cutters

1. Slide the pearl, bead cap and 2mm spacer bead onto the headpin.

2. Use your round nose pliers to form a loop above the small silver bead. Cut off the excess wire using your wire cutters. Take your chain nose pliers and gently press the loop to make sure that it's perfectly shaped.

pearl earrings tutorial

3. Open the loop with your round nose pliers without distorting the shape of the loop. Slide the silver ball connector onto the loop and close the loop.

4. Open the loop of your french hook earwires, slide your earring onto it and close it completely. Your blue pearl earrings are now ready to wear!

pearl earrings tutorial

pearl earrings tutorial

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