Beaded earring projects

Beaded earring projects are great to start with if you’re new to jewelry making. You can make a basic pair of earrings in a matter of minutes. The most important technique you need to learn is how to make a well formed wire loop. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t get it right with your first attempt, it takes a lot of practice to make well formed loops.

Have fun!

Crystal chandelier earrings

These beautiful crystal chandelier earrings look very intricate, but are so easy to make! The only technique you have to master is to be able to make a loop using your round nose pliers.

Czech crystal earrings

Czech crystals are readily available in most bead stores. You will see the Czech crystal earrings in this tutorial have a rainbow prism effect which is called AB color.

Teardrop pearl earrings

These timeless teardrop pearl earrings are beautiful for any occasion. The top drilled teardrop pearl can vary in size to suit your needs.

Blue pearl earrings

Blue pearl earrings are so elegant, yet easy to make! Just change the color of your pearls and you can have earrings for almost every outfit in your wardrobe.

Coin pearl earrings

Coin pearls like the ones in these elegant coin pearl earrings are quickly becoming very fashionable. The large textured rings emphasize the beautiful round shape of the coin pearls. 

Long crystal earrings

You can make these long crystal earrings from Czech crystals, or you can use some sparkly Swarovski crystals for a touch of glam!

Wire briolette earrings

These wire briolette earrings will look great in any color. You might want to practice the loops shown in the steps below before making the final piece, especially if it’s one of your first projects.

Cascade earrings

The two large briolette beads are the focus of these crystal cascade earrings. 

Chandelier earrings

Chandelier earrings add a classic touch to any outfit.

There is a great variety of chandelier components you can choose from to create your design.

Crystal heart earrings

The technique used to make these lovely crystal heart earrings is called a briolette wrap. There are several ways to make a briolette wrap. I prefer this easy, secure method.

Purple cascade earrings

Cascade earrings are usually long earrings with layers of beads, resulting in the name cascade, which means waterfall. Smaller beads such as glass and crystal beads are often used to create the ‘layers’.

Briolette wrap earrings

In order to make these beautiful briolette wrap earrings, you will need to learn how to make a briolette wrap. This is a great technique to learn, which will enable you to work with various top drilled beads to create exquisite designs.

Crystal briolette earrings

These elegant crystal briolette earrings are made using a technique called a briolette wrap. A briolette wrap is used when you work with top drilled beads, whith holes drilled horizontally from side to side and not vertically from top to bottom.

Pearl drop earrings

These pearl drop earrings are beautiful, elegant earrings, yet easy to make. You can use any beads instead of pearls if you’re not a pearl enthusiast, to create a different look. This is one of the most basic beaded earring projects.

Basic drop earrings

This basic drop earrings project is exactly what is says: the most basic way to make drop earrings. You can make various designs with this method just by using different amounts, sizes and colors of beads.

Spiral dangle earrings

These spiral dangle earrings can be made of any small to medium beads of your choice.

Chain drop earrings

These beautiful chain drop earrings are perfect for an evening out. You can make them in a relative short period of time.

Crystal drop earrings

These crystal drop earrings can be made from any small crystal beads. The most important technique to learn for making these earrings is the basic wire loop.

I hope you have enjoyed the beaded earring projects!

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