How to make a beaded bangle bracelet:

bangle bracelet

It is easy and fun to make a beaded bangle bracelet. Play around with different beads before you decide on a final selection, because you might find some interesting designs for your bangle. Try mixing different textures, colors and shapes. You need 15gauge (1,5mm) and 17g (1,2mm) wire for this project. Keep this in mind when you buy your beads, because the holes must allow 1,5mm wire to pass through. Practice with inexpensive wire like copper if this is one of your first wire projects.

What you need:

  • 5 lampwork beads of your choice
  • 6 large silver flower spacer beads (with holes big enough for 15g wire)
  • silver round spacer beads (30 to 40, depending on your bracelet size)
  • 17 or 18 gauge wire (1,2mm or 1,0mm)
  • 15 gauge wire (1,5mm)
  • headpin (optional, see step 6)
  • small crystal bead 4mm (optional, see step 6)
  • silver filigree bead (optional, see step 6)
  • round nose pliers
  • chain or flat nose pliers
  • wire or side cutters
  • safety glasses (optional)

Step 1:
You are going to work with the 15g wire first, so cut off a piece of wire (wrist size + 2”). You do not have to straighten the wire, because the bent wire is perfect for the bangle you are going to make. (Most techniques require that you have to straighten the wire before working with it). Grip the end of the wire with the middle part of your round nose pliers. You are going to make a loop, and gripping the wire at the end with the middle of your round nose pliers will give you a fairly good sized loop.

Make your loop in the opposite direction of the curve of the wire.

Make a loop by moving your pliers away from you. You will have to adjust your pliers as you go along.

Step 2:
Slide your beads onto the wire in the order you desire. The total length of all the beads must be the size of your wrist. The following formula will give you more or less an estimate length to work on.

Wrist size + 1 ½ inch = this beaded bangle bracelet size. The ½ an inch is added to the formula because you are using lampwork beads, which take up some space. The clasp and loops add the extra inch to the length.

bangle bracelet

Step 3:
When you have the correct length, grip the wire with the middle part of your round nose pliers next to the last bead. Use your free hand to bend the wire around the upper prong of your pliers until you have formed a complete loop. Cut off the excess wire that does not form part of the loop with your wire cutters. Always protect your eyes when cutting wire. Press the loop with your chain or flat nose pliers to make the loop even.

Step 4:
Curve the bangle into a round shape. Leave a space between the two ends, because you are going to attach the clasp to both ends.

bangle bracelet

Step 5:
The next step is to make a clasp for your beaded bangle bracelet. You will need 17g or 18g wire for making the clasp. I've used 17 gauge wire for this project. Follow the detailed explanation on the page how to make an S-clasp. Attach the clasp to your bangle.

Step 6:
Making a dangle for your clasp is optional. Use your headpin, silver bead and crystal bead and follow the steps in the link for making a loop on a headpin. Open the loop of the headpin, and attach it to the small loop of the s-clasp. Close the loop completely.

Congratulations, your beaded bangle bracelet is now ready to wear!

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