How to attach a clasp using crimp beads

You can easily attach a clasp to your necklace by using crimp beads.

Step 1:

First insert one crimp bead onto your wire followed by your clasp.

insert crimp and clasp onto wire

Step 2:

Take the end of the wire and fold it back through the crimp bead.

fold wire back through crimp

Use your crimping pliers to compress your crimp into a tiny ball.

crimp bead

Step 3:

String your beads onto your necklace. Insert the tail that’s left into the beads rather than cutting it close to the crimp bead.

string beads onto wire

Step 4:

You can follow the same process for the other end of your necklace, just replace the clasp with a jump ring. You will do this after you’ve strung your beads on your necklace. Alternatively you can also use the loop of the wire as an attachment for the clasp without using a jump ring.

attach jump ring

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