How to make an amethyst link bracelet:

how to make beaded bracelet

This amethyst link bracelet consists of wire wrapped amethyst beads joined together by jump rings. There are only two techniques you need to learn to this bracelet. The first is to open and close jump rings properly, and the second is to make a wrapped loop. I’ve used 5mm twisted, and 9mm open jump rings for the links between the amethyst beads. Any gemstone will look great in this design. When you buy your beads, make sure you buy a wire size that will fit the hole of your beads.

To get the right bracelet size, see the bracelet size guide.

What you need:

  • 3 or 4 amethyst gemstone beads
  • 4-6 twisted 6mm jump rings
  • 8-10 open jump rings (9mm), try to get thick jump rings if possible
  • 6-8 flower spacer beads
  • clasp and hook
  • 18g or 20g wire, depending on the size of the drilled hole in your beads
  • round nose pliers
  • chain or flat nose pliers
  • wire or side cutters
  • safety glasses (optional)

how to make beaded bracelet

Step 1:
The first thing to do is to make wrapped bead links, by using the amethyst and spacer beads. There is a detailed, step-by-step explanation on the page wrapped bead link. Make wrapped links with all your amethyst beads. You don’t need to attach anything to it yet.

how to make beaded bracelet

Step 2:
Read the page how to open and close jump rings to ensure the shape of the jump rings are not distorted when opening and closing them.

Open a 9mm jump ring and slide a twisted 6mm jump ring onto it. Close the jump ring. Attach another 9mm jump ring to the twisted one, but don’t close it yet. Slide your amethyst wrapped link onto the jump ring and close it completely.

The first part of the bracelet will look like this:

how to make beaded bracelet

Step 3:
For the rest of the bracelet you need to follow the same techniques. Add two more amethyst links (or 3 for a longer size), joined together by jump rings. Your bracelet will look something like this:

how to make beaded bracelet

Step 4:
After you’ve added the last jNT>ump ring links, it’s time to attach the clasp and hook. Open the last jump ring on both sides of the bracelet and slide the clasp onto one end, and the hook onto the other end of the bracelet. Close the jump rings completely.

Congratulations, your amethyst link bracelet is now ready to wear!

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