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I’m Marlize Kasselman – jewelry designer, author, and publisher of www.how-to-make-beaded-jewelry.com

My jewelry making career started when my husband and I decided to broaden our horizons by travelling to Asia after completing our degrees.

It was to be one of the most formative years in my jewelry making career. I discovered the joys of hunting for exotic gems, beads and materials that were imported from all over the world and sold in the Asian Jade markets.

A further bonus was the opportunity to learn the skills of the ancient art of Chinese knot tying. This was also where my love affair with pearls started. I was amazed at the varieties of pearls I had never seen before.

Once our time in the East was over, we decided to travel to Europe, where we spent the next 6 years of our lives.

The opportunity arose for me to study jewelry making at the Redbridge Institude in London. I totally immersed myself in the course and became even more passionate about jewelry making than before.

London was also the first place where I managed to start a small jewelry business, and where our daughter was born. At times I could not keep up with the demand, and interest of people wanting to learn how to make their own jewelry. I decided to share my love of jewelry making with the world and that is how www.how-to-make-beaded-jewelry.com was born.

I have been overwhelmed by the support and interest from people all over the world who share my passion.

It seems that our globetrotting has finally come to an end for a while and we are settled in beautiful sub-tropical Queensland in Australia.

I’m one of the most happily married people I know, and we are blessed with two beautiful children.

Thank you for becoming a part of my jewelry making journey and sharing my passion!

Marlize Kasselman

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