February 2009, Issue 002

Getting creative with headpins

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Welcome to the February 2009 issue of Jewelry Making News!

In this issue we’re going to focus on decorative headpins you can make in minutes. These you can easily use for making earrings or pendants and charms for necklaces and bracelets. All the designs I created in the photo below I did freehanded. You might want to use a wire jig if you would like to make more intricate shapes.

The best wire size to use for making decorative headpins is 20 gauge (0.8mm) wire. The whole idea of making fancy headpins is to add an extra touch of creativity and uniqueness to your design. Here you can see a few examples:


  • Hammer the head or parts of the headpin to give it a different shape and texture.
  • Use twisted wire to make an interesting design.
  • Coil 22g or 24g wire around some parts of the headpin.
  • Add some tiny beads to your headpin or coiled wire.

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If you have a question, something to say or you would like some of your designs to feature in one of the issues, contact me here .Feel free to share any great ideas and photos of your gorgeous jewelry with us. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Happy beading!

Marlize Kasselman